About Us



JST is headquartered in Rockwall, Texas. Our primary business is RF Systems design and development engineering services for our main customers, the Department of Defense and Department of Defense prime contractors.

Since JST's founding in 2004, the engineering team at Judd Strategic Technologies has developed a comprehensive set of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and antenna technologies that maximize DF performance on airborne vehicles, as well as Electronic Warfare and Electronic Attack technologies. 

Our engineering team has broad expertise in RF and DSP hardware and software.  



Dr. Judd has over 25 years of experience in systems engineering, antenna and antenna array design, and a broad background in radio frequency ("RF") and microwave front-ends, receiver-transmitter architectures, and spatial/digital processing algorithms for direction finding, beamforming, satellite communication systems, and digital radar. Dr. Judd's expertise in electronic systems includes fixed base, mobile, airborne (C4ISR & RISTA), and space-borne platforms. He has designed, modified, and integrated antenna, array, beamforming, and data/voice communications systems for the USAF RC-135 ("Rivet Joint") airborne surveillance platform, Army Guardrail Common Sensor, AARGM Missile system, C-130 aircraft, British Nimrod, EH-60 helicopter, Trailblazer, F-18 Fighter, and an US Army Man-pack DF System. His most recent work includes broadband antenna and array designs for UAVs, and next generation integrated sensors and SIGINT Payloads.Dr. Judd holds six technical degrees, including a PhD in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University, and twenty-seven U.S. Patents. He has published articles in numerous technical and trade journals and has given dozens of conference and industry presentations.

Before founding JST, Dr. Judd held several executive level positions for a Fortune 500 company including: Director of Engineering, Director of Business Development, and Vice President of R&D and Advanced Development.