Judd Strategic Technologies (JST)

is a Texas company that specializes in RF multi-functional systems, including: Wideband Antenna design, Phased Array Design, Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) systems design, spatial signal processing, and Electronic Warfare/Electronic Attack (EW/EA) systems design. Specific emphasis is on Array Processing and Phased Array systems and subsystems. By utilizing a broad background of knowledge and taking a systems approach to focus on delivering a complete solution, JST provides a holistic perspective and develops innovative technologies and systems that readily meet or exceed our customers' needs.

Judd Strategic Technologies is a small business concern specializing in research and development of high performance signals intelligence systems. For almost a decade, JST's engineering team has been designing and developing cutting edge signals intelligence technology to meet the DoD's most advanced requirements.

Our company's mission is to push the envelope of SIGINT and EW performance. We aim to redefine performance metrics and truly give the warfighter a battlefield advantage. To this end, our primary focus is innovative technology and wholly novel concepts.