Government Contracts

JST's SBIR Awards

Under an AFRL sponsored SBIR Phase III program, JST is developing, installing, and flight testing a high performance SIGINT array of broadband conformal load bearing antenna structures ("CLAS") on a small Class 3 unmanned aerial vehicle ("SUAV"). The array and SIGINT system provide unmatched precision in RF detection, direction finding, and geolocation system in target detection and location – even in the presence of technology designed to impede locating efforts like jammers and co-channel interference. The system will provide enhanced persistent surveillance by providing high precision direction finding and geolocation capability and its RF detection capabilities will also permit detection of radio controlled and mobile phone controlled IEDs.

An AFOSR funded Phase I study was completed to establish the feasibility of the antenna technology, and performance. AFOSR also funded a Phase II effort, which developed an innovative "spray on" antenna design, using a zero weight/zero drag technology. Spray on technology enables placement of numerous antennas on a single aircraft, which in turn permits more advanced SIGINT. In addition, AFRL/AFMC labs have directly funded a follow-on contract to develop and verify an array of CLAS antennas on a Tactical UAV. Flight-testing for the follow on program took place in November 2011. Phase III has been extended through 2015 because of AFRL's interest in this program. See Phase III contract - FA8650-09-C-3949.